John Kelley started his career as a DJ at the ripe old age of 13, working solo at weddings and private parties. That’s just how far back and how deep his talent runs. For almost 20 years he has rocked this business, bringing the party to wedding and corporate clients with mobile DJ services, uplighting, dance lights, fog machines, karaoke, and more.

Then 2020 rolled up with its pandemic and murder hornets and hurricane buffet and tried to take John’s business out, but he and his long time friend, Andrew Brockenbush, had a better plan. Enter OMG! Event Co.

With Andrew’s vast experience in marketing and John’s experience in events, the two of them launched a massive rebranding, revolutionizing entertainment for events while adapting to circumstances that have forced worldwide changes in how we interact in social environments.

From brides to businesses, to busy professionals, we’re showing our clients how to have an OMG! event in the crazy of 2020 because life (and the show) must go on!